Expo Dubai - NZ Pavilion

Ko au te Awa, ko te Awa ko au. — “I am the river, the river is me”

Assembly designed and animated content for the virtual experience showcasing New Zealand at the Dubai Expo. The central theme is around caring for people and place. In other words; New Zealand innovates, because we care. The film celebrates everything from our diverse culture through to regenerative farming and is told through the Whanganui River

The wrap-around projection inside the pavilion was 65 metres in length and over 6 metres high (about 3 IMAX theatres stitched together) and runs for around 7 mins on a continuous loop.





Workshop E
NZ Trade & Enterprise
  • Leonel Zarpelon.
  • Frankie Principe.
  • Matt Wilson.
  • Elliot Stronge.
  • Bruno Rojas.
3D Animators.
  • Gary Sullivan.
  • Geoff Kirk-Smith.
  • Rhys Dippie.
  • Damon Duncan.
Digital Matte Painter.
  • Jason Duncan.
Senior Producer.
  • Clare Bone.
Collaborating Partners.
  • Workshop E.
  • Haumi.
  • Greg Wood.
  • Creature Post.
  • Yolande Dewey.
  • Perceptual Engineering.
  • Cam Ballantyne.